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mardi 19 septembre 2017

  • It’s Another Impressive Release! Launching Version 11.2 Today
    Our Latest R&D Output I’m excited today to announce the latest output from our R&D pipeline: Version 11.2 of the Wolfram Language and Mathematica—available immediately on desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux) and cloud. It was only this spring that we released Version 11.1. But after the summer (...)

jeudi 7 septembre 2017

  • A New Level of Step-by-Step Solutions in Wolfram|Alpha
    In our continued efforts to make it easier for students to learn and understand math and science concepts, the Wolfram|Alpha team has been hard at work this summer expanding our step-by-step solutions. Since the school year is just beginning, we’re excited to announce some new features. (...)

mardi 29 août 2017

  • How Laplace Would Hide a Goat: The New Science of Magic Windows
    Last week, I read Michael Berry’s paper, “Laplacian Magic Windows.” Over the years, I have read many interesting papers by this longtime Mathematica user, but this one stood out for its maximizing of the product of simplicity and unexpectedness. Michael discusses what he calls the magic window. (...)

lundi 14 août 2017

  • Double Eclipse! Or Why Carbondale, Illinois, Is Special
    The upcoming August 21, 2017, total solar eclipse is a fascinating event in its own right. It’s also interesting to note that on April 8, 2024, there will be another total solar eclipse whose path will cut nearly perpendicular to the one this year. With a bit of styling work and zooming in, you (...)

mardi 8 août 2017

  • Get Ready for the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017
    On August 21, 2017, an event will happen across parts of the Western Hemisphere that has not been seen by most people in their lifetimes. A total eclipse of the Sun will sweep across the face of the United States and nearby oceans. Although eclipses of this type are not uncommon across the (...)

mercredi 2 août 2017

  • High-School Summer Camp: A Two-Week Path to Computational Thinking
    The Summer Camp Was a Success! How far can one get in teaching computational thinking to high-school students in two weeks? Judging by the results of this year’s Wolfram High-School Summer Camp the answer is: remarkably far. I’ve been increasingly realizing what an immense and unique opportunity (...)


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