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  • jeudi 19 avril 2018
  • Five Ways to Make Your Technical Presentations Awesome

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  • mardi 17 avril 2018
  • Announcing Wolfram Presenter Tools

    Introducing the Ultimate Technical Presentation Environment with Live Interactivity We are delighted to announce that Wolfram’s latest comprehensive notebook technology extension is here. Released with Version 11.3 of Wolfram desktop products, Wolfram Presenter Tools is the world’s first fully (...)
  • vendredi 13 avril 2018
  • Launching the Wolfram Challenges Site

    The more one does computational thinking, the better one gets at it. And today we’re launching the Wolfram Challenges site to give everyone a source of bite-sized computational thinking challenges based on the Wolfram Language. Use them to learn. Use them to stay sharp. Use them to prove how (...)
  • jeudi 12 avril 2018
  • Unleash Your Models with SystemModeler 5.1

    We are excited to announce the latest installment in the Wolfram SystemModeler series, Version 5.1, where our primary focus has been on pushing the scope of use for models of systems beyond the initial stages of development. Since 2012, SystemModeler has been used in a wide variety of fields (...)
  • European Wolfram Technology Conference 2018

    This year, we’ll be in Oxford for the European Wolfram Technology Conference. Join us June 14–15 for two days of expert talks showcasing the latest releases in Wolfram technologies, in-depth explorations of key features and practical use cases for integrating Wolfram technologies in your (...)
  • mardi 3 avril 2018