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L4D Learning for Democracy

Münchenwiler Workshop 2011

Elaborating key issues - social networks at work

mardi 22 mars 2011, par Alan McCluskey

The work we have undertaken this year concerns the enrichment and improvement of policy-making processes in the field of education and ICT as well as the implementation of policy decisions by engaging actors in the formulation of key issues and related recommendations that are subsequently presented to the relevant authorities and bodies. Moving on from the online forums that we used last year, in 2011 we are turning to social networks and online communities as powerful tools for exchange and learning.

The workshop then has a double goal :

  1. Selecting a set of four key issues for which recommendations will subsequently be developed online and face-to-face ;
  2. Increasing awareness and experience of the use of social networks and online communities as contexts for peer learning.

Learning in online communities and social networks is largely a question of developing :

 Reflective practice ;
 A dense network of relationships and exchange ;
 The capitalisation on participants’ experience and know-how ;
 Strategies to capitalise on knowledge and experience held elsewhere.

The Münchenwiler workshop will reflect this fact by keeping a constant eye on each of these four aspects as we identify, clarify and select key issues for future policy elaboration.

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